Landscape Training Solutions

Coaching & Consulting

Our coaching process is primarily focused on empowering Managers to coach their employees.  By building on a Manager's strengths and helping them alleviate weaknesses, LTS Coaches help Managers and individuals recognize counter-productive habits. They are encouraged to set and achieve new goals and excel in areas previously unexplored. We hold individuals accountable for his or her actions and discuss situations that need resolution.

Coaching tools we use include:

  • A comprehensive Organizational Needs Assessment Tool

  • DiSC Behavioral Profiles

  • Employee interviews

  • "Ride-alongs" in the field

  • Open dialogue with Senior Management

  • 360 Feedback for Management Development

  • Performance Reviews

  • Task Forces and Focus Groups

  • Group Meetings and Team Retreats
         When consulting, we evaluate your current resources, estimate production and
         distribution costs, train internal Trainers or provide our experienced Trainers  
         and make recommendations for organizational change. Our consulting will help
         everyone get "on the same page" to make your organization more efficie
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