Landscape Training Solutions

Train the Trainer

Everyone knows that training is not just telling, but still, that is how most people "train."  For your organization to have revenue producing high quality landscape sites, you must have well trained employees.

In this program, we show participants what is required to ensure the "transference of learning."

The program modules include:

  • Project an image of confidence as the TRAINER.

  • Inventory your own training strengths/skills.

  • Identify participants' different learning styles.

  • Overcome nervous habits, relax, and feel confident.

  • Ask the RIGHT questions to get participants to respond.

  • Test participants fairly, while protecting their self-esteem.

  • Deal with difficult participants and WIN THEM OVER.

  • Field questions with poise. Recover from awkward moments easily.

  • Gain valuable insights from participant evaluations and feedback.