Landscape Training Solutions

   Shawn Kershaw

     Shawn Kershaw helps clients tackle organizational

     issues associated with time, information, and space

     management.  She shows them techniques that will

     improve their effectiveness and "give back" time to

     be used more productively.

     Her services range from corporate wide interventions

     to one-on-one consultations.  She works in fast

     paced environments to empower clients with

     juggling their meetings, emails, voice mails and

     travel.  Shawn even helps people find a personal


     Shawn and her clients analyze their workload, work

     flow and organizational style.  Together they

     develop strategies to focus on critical  priorities,

     goals and general day-to-day responsibilities.

     Shawn has delivered customized seminars on

     personal productivity to thousands of participants in

     industries such as landscape, real estate,

     pharmaceutical, non-profit, hospital and

     government agencies.  Her clients range from

     Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson

     to small business owners working from home.

     Shawn has served landscape companies from PA to

     LA and many in between!

Shawn Kershaw
Time and Information Management Consultant