Landscape Training Solutions

   Theresa O'Connor

     A graduate from Yale University, Theresa is a

     forerunner in the field of energy psychology, the

     mind-body connection and vibrational medicine.

With expertise in psychosomatic research, Theresa

      uses her knowledge in traditional medicine,

      metaphysical modalities and behavioral psychology to

      coach individuals and organizations to experience

      optimal health.

      Just a few organizations Theresa has worked with

      include, Harley Davidson, Johnson & Johnson, Thomas

      Jefferson University Hospital, Rider University and

      dozens more.  A number of landscape company owners

      and senior managers have benefited from Theresa's


      Through her work as an enlightenment coach, retreat

      facilitator, holistic psychotherapist, the paths of many

      have been brightened, expanded, and enriched.

As a pioneer in her field, Theresa is a member of the

      Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, the

      International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy

      and Energy Medicine, and the American Holistic

      Nurses Association.

Theresa O'Connor
Executive Coach
Life Style Balance Expert